Let’s celebrate the 40th anniversary of NPR with a good-natured ribbing. 


This American Wife Episode 28 – LIVE from the Bridgetown Comedy Festival

“I Want Your Sex?” Recorded live at the beautiful Bagdad Theater in Portland, Oregon. Tales of incredibly awkward sexual encounters from Pete Holmes, Moshe Kasher, Claudia Cogan, Chris Garcia, Erin Lennox, and Karl Hess, hosted by Paul Jay.

Plus, All Things Ill-Considered presents its signature brand of award-deserving journalism. Robert Siegel (Eric Martin) grills “” CEO George Leslie (Ron Babcock), while Melissa Block (Jen Goldberg) profiles comic Nikki Glaser.

Created by Ned Hepburn and Eric Martin.

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I was at the Bagdad Theatre when this episode of This American Wife was recorded and feel so privileged to say so.