HBO and Lena Dunham Agree to End “Girls” After Season 6

(via Deadline)

It’s interesting to see that 9-10 seasons was sort of a goal for sitcoms in the 90s and, in this millennium, 6 seasons is the now the benchmark for a landmark series.

Lena Dunham has got so many other things going that we’re not even aware of the full scope of what she’s working on. On top of Girls, she’s got a career as an author, movies, Lenny Letter, cameos on other shows like Scandal, 

So, knowing that and knowing the journey that Hannah Horvath and company have gone through over the last few years makes it seem just about right that Dunham and HBO are coming in for a final landing on the series.

Don’t start getting remiss and teary eyed quite yet as season five hasn’t even premiered yet.