Gil Ozeri and Friends  Are Live-Streaming Their “Entourage-A-Thon” of The Whole “Entourage” Series

They started at 3PM yesterday and will take no breaks in watching the entirety of Entourage, then go see the Entourage movie.

You can watch the whole thing in action live.

Gil Ozeri and some of his friends including Adam Pally, Scott Aukerman, Jack McBrayer, Joe Mande, Wendy Molyneux (who raised money to be forced to see the Entourage movie), Steve Agee, Megan Neuringer have stopped by to join in on the test of endurance that is watching and riffing off of the entire Entourage series.

So far, there has been a real turtle that they put a Yankees cap on, keeping count of very specific Entourage-isms like every time E is wrong/a dog hates women/etc., and kicking the whole thing off with a children’s choir. 

Catch up and tune into what Gil and, as of this post, John Levenstein, Scott Aukerman, Adam Pally, and more try to close out season 3 here.