Episode 2 – Roommating – “Girlfriend”

In this episode, Joel’s girlfriend is depressed. And he wants to keep it that way! But not if I have anything to do with it.  (With the very talented Jillian Szafranski).

This episode features my favorite phrase “blow jobs and doggy style” – a term I use to describe myself when I was going through my “awkward slut” phase, which is to say, I would be ok if sex with a man involved only blow jobs and doggy style, even if I didn’t get to do anything I liked in return (cuddles, jokes about unicorns, an orgasm). Why? Because I was just happy a man was paying attention to me.

Don’t worry, I have self esteem now. And when I give someone a blow job now, it’s because I want to, not because I think they won’t like me if I don’t.

And you best believe we’re telling unicorn jokes naked.