Bradley Cooper, Todd Phillips, and Andrew Lazar Are Developing “Ghost Army”About a Specialized WWII Hoax Unit

(via Deadline)

There was a unit filled art school/ad agency/etc. types tasked by the U.S. military to fool the Germans into thinking that they had more troops than they actually had and hopefully this feature adaptation will work out way better than Monuments Men.

Already, Todd Phillips of The Hangover franchise fame, is working on a more current war comedy in Arms and The Dudes that focuses on arms dealers helping U.S. forces in Afghanistan. His next project will have him team up once again with Hangover star Bradley Cooper along with Andrew Lazar, who Cooper worked with on American Sniper, on what has to be one of the more incredulous stories out of WWII. 

This ‘Ghost Army’ unit employed dummies, inflatable tanks, and more to fool German forces into how mighty the Americans were when advancing through Europe.

No talent is attached to star yet, but this could have the potential to be this decade’s fun WWII comedy.