Pick of the Day: The Return of George Lucas Talk Show (on Planet Scum) 8/21

Without a doubt, one of the most dynamic and ever-surprising live-streams during lockdown was The George Lucas Talk Show on Planet Scum. Adapting from the long running live show version, Connor Ratliff and sidekicks Patrick Cotnoir, and Griffin Newman brought all sorts of Lucas universe fueled ridiculousness including entire marathon watch-a-longs that were often done for charity.

Doing a virtual George Lucas Talk Show every Sunday was a tall order, so there was a break a few months back, especially as some things started to open back up. Yet, that wasn’t the last word of GLTS on Planet Scum as, this Saturday, Ratliff is donning his George Lucas attire once more to interview the one and only, venerable and renowned Paul F. Tompkins.

Per usual, the show is free to stream on Planet Scum. Tune in this Sat. Aug. 21st at 5PM PT/8PM ET on Planet Scum.