Pick of the Day: The George Lucas Talk Show (in NYC) 10/9

The arrival of Ahsoka on Disney+ should signal an especially special time for The George Lucas Talk Show since the significance of Ahsoka being a main player in the Star Wars Universe is all at the behest of George Lucas himself. Truly, any excuse for Connor Ratliff to don a beard and a slick, custom souvenir jacket and join a Watto-fied Griffin Newman and Patrick Cotnoir for GLTS is all good with us.

The hysterical, very meta talk show is not as regularly scheduled as it once was, which is why we feel particularly tasked with highlighting when it does come around, especially when it’s playing such a venue as The Bell House. Come Mon. Oct 9th at 7;30PM, Ratliff and company will assemble for GLTS and, who knows, maybe even strike a deal between the WGA, SAG-AFTRA, AMPTP?

Only one way to find out. Go get tickets for $25.42 here before they sell out.