Gastor Almonte’s New Album/Special “Immigrant Made” Is a Beautiful Collection of Stories That Highlight the Importance of Immigrants in America


A lot of people have a lot of very different, very hardline opinions about immigration these days. We hope that they do remember that the majority of the country are immigrants and that the immigrant experience is integral to the fabric of the mighty U.S. of A. 

East Brooklyn’s Gastor Almonte takes pride in his parents emigrating to this country and relishes that he is the fruit of the seeds that his mother and father planted. Of course, that fruit is the freedom to make an entire comedy special about that very notion and Almonte does it with wonderful poise throughout a collection of carefully constructed long form stories on Immigrant Made. Though straight forward and subtle in his delivery, Almonte observations about his world and his place in it are simultaneously funny and full of genuine heart.

Get a taste of all of that here in the trailer.

You can get in on Immigrant Made now where you listen to comedy albums and stream it on Amazon. Do so here.