Gary Gulman’s #GulmanTip(s) Are a Treasure Trove of Stand-Up Comedy Advice from One of Comedy’s Best Craftsmen

When it comes to the craft of comedy, few are as expertly detail oriented these days as Gary Gulman. Just watch this Conan set to see what we’re talking about.

Now, Gulman, since the beginning of the year, has been tweeting out #GulmanTip for writing and performing stand-up comedy, which are pretty great. 

Our favorite is: 

16)Be the comedian you wanted to see. Think about the things that you wished someone made jokes about when you sat in the audience. Make a list of topics and ideas that you’d be EXCITED to see someone discuss. Become that comedian. You’ve got 30 years.

Coupled with John Roy’s Completely Free Online Comedy Class, you’ve got a pretty comprehensive text book from which to start/improve at stand-up.

You can (and should) read the rest in these Twitter threads @garygulman:

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