Gareth Reynolds’ Riddled With Disease Is the Sort of Terrific Album You’d Expect from The Dollop Co-Host


Truly, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the co-host of The Dollop, the amazing biweekly American history podcast (and one of our all-time favorites) with Dave Anthony and Gareth, would put out a proper comedy album that offers a very satisfying, very funny listen. 

Gareth Reynolds’ debut album “Riddled With Disease” delivers on that notion and showcases what Reynolds’ cherished commentary, riffs, and act-outs on an ep. of The Dollop would be like if applied to his own life. There is a spirited bounce and a great deal of play in every tale and premise, but it’s all very sharply observed and carefully constructed. Simply put, Gareth is just a pure delight to listen to, no matter what he’s talking about (and Riddled with Disease spans a whole range from his cat, Jose, to the overarching topic of racism) and this album is proof of that. In fact, you don’t even need to know who Foghat is to enjoy his Foghat story.

So, please, please, please go get and enjoy Gareth Reynolds’ Riddled with Disease from Comedy Dynamics here.