Pick of the Day: Ga’riffs with Gareth Reynolds (Thursdays)

Through his own stand-up and his fantastic presence in the podcasting world, especially on The Dollop, Gareth Reynolds has gained quite the reputation for being hysterical off-the-cuff and a master at the comedic art of riffing.

So, in this time where we’re all just stuck at home, Gareth is both putting his expert skills to use and giving us a break from all of what’s going on with Ga’riffs with Gareth Reynolds. Gareth takes suggestions for topics at gariffslive@gmail.com and then riffs on them one by one WHILE actually standing up with a mic and a mic stand in front of a curtain. Almost effortlessly, he mows through topics with great in-the-moment bits, stories, etc.

Reynolds is nice enough to live-stream Ga’riffs this every Thursday on Instagram Live @reynoldsgareth at 6PM PT/9PM ET and you should absolutely make it a part of a weekly routine if you haven’t done so already.