Funny or Die Launches “Funny or Die News Flash” App

Are you the type of person that tends to just read news headlines rather than the whole story and likes one joke to go with it AND wants to be able to post it to your social media feeds with incredible ease?

Well, Funny or Die has got something for you as you’re probably a millennial.

Rather than following AP’s Twitter feed, you can get the Funny or Die News Flash app that gives you all of today’s news in an quick and easy format that also includes their award winning brand of sarcasm.

They show a headline as well as a late night monologue style joke, then link to the whole actual story. It’s a pretty great way to catch up today’s top stories without piecing together what random thing people are tweeting about while you’re waiting in line and avoiding making eye contact with strangers.

Find out more here and download the Funny or Die News Flash App from iTunes here.