Fruit Bats Mini Doc “Getting in a Van Again” Is One of the Funniest Rock Mockumentaries in Recent Memory

In anticipation of a new song from folk rockers The Fruit Bats, a “documentary” short film that takes a behind-the-scenes look into the making of their single “Getting in a Van Again” was made by slick director Jonny Look.

You might take notice that the “Emotional Engineer” and manager are played by TCB faves DeMorge Brown and Elisha Yaffe.

Truthfully, even if you didn’t know you needed another fantastic rock mockumentary in your life, we think that Getting In a Van Again is something that you’ve been waiting for.

Please, please, please enjoy it without any further explanation that might ruin any of the magic that lies ahead here.

Also, if you’re digging the music, go get into the Fruit Bats here.