Pick of the Day: FresHair 6/25

Before the pandemic happened, one of Echo Park’s biggest barbershops, American Barbershop, was home to a handful of really fun comedy shows. During the pandemic, they transitioned to having it outside, but still with a very cool, vintage barber’s chair on stage.

Now, with things opening up again, FresHair Comedy is going strong putting on a very cool comedy show in the heart of Echo Park in LA. They’ve got, for this latest show this month, Dave Merheje, Rell Battle, and Jade Catta-Preta along with esteemed producers Renee Gauthier, Ryan Dalton, and Allison Leber on the line-up and there will be, as we have seen them do in the past, plenty more great LA-based comedians (or ones that just happen to be in town).

This June edition of FresHair is set for Fri. Jun. 25th at 9PM PT and tickets are on sale starting at $15. Go snag them up before they sell out.