If There Was a Parody Fox News Panel Show Hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, It Might Be Jason Saenz’s “Foxworthy & Friends”

From the mind of Jason Saenz, comes a panel show that you might see on something like the Fox News Channel, hosted by Jeff Foxworthy and the “you might be a redneck” joke that will follow him forever. 

On Foxworthy & Friends, he’ll have guests that aren’t his friends including Nick Offerman (played deftly by Frank Garcia Hejl)…

Chris Gethard

Nate Fernald

Nick Turner

…and Adam Newman.

For those of you that love when talk shows get out of hand, especially when the host has seem to lost a grip on things, you’ll dig Saenz as Foxworthy trying to shoehorn redneck into everything.

Watch Foxworthy and Friends here.