We saw Fiona LandersFuneral Bouquet show not really knowing what to expect (outside of a loosely dark comedic solo show as the show’s title suggests).

What we saw was a wallop of an autobiographical musical that exquisitely leaves it all, and we mean all, on the stage. It exceeded our expectations being more enthralling, darker, and funnier than we had kind of anticipated. Truly, Fiona’s stories accompanied by deftly constructed songs that touch on cancer, death, and rape cover the range of being so damn funny to being so damn heartbreaking (all in the best way possible). In so many ways, Funeral Bouquet shows how amazing and unforgettable a solo show can potentially be.

The next performance of Funeral Bouquet will be Mon., July 15th at 10PM at Lyric Hyperion. Tickets are $10. Please go get them here.