Fiona Landers’ solo show Funeral Bouquet so floored us when we saw it several months ago at Lyric Hyperion. We’re still thinking about how much it affected us with big laughs and pulling our heart strings taut by reimagining some of the darkest parts of Fiona’s life. Landers has continue to develop the show and now has enlisted Alison Agosti, one of our favorite comedy writers and storytellers, helping her to further fine tune and hone the show. 

This show is already pretty amazing and we have no doubt the next set of performances will be very special too. With all of that in mind, you should most certainly go witness this hysterical, moving, heartbreaking, enrapturing solo show Funeral Bouquet over its next few dates:

@ Lyric Hyperion Tues. Jan. 28th 7PM $10

@ UCB Franklin Thurs. Feb. 13th 7PM $7