Fighters For a Free North Korea To Drop in DVDs of “The Interview” Into North Korea

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

As the reason for the Guardians of Peace’s hack of Sony, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s The Interview has been undergoing a lot of scrutiny over the last few weeks. Despite Seth Rogen’s appearance on The Colbert Report from last night, Rogen and James Franco have cancelled their upcoming media appearances to promote the movie according to BuzzFeed.

Yet, there might be hope yet for this movie as an activist group known as Fighters For a Free North Korea are planning to drop DVD copies of The Interview, as soon as they’re available, into North Korea via balloons. They’ve done the same for radios in order to bring the outside world to those living in the completely isolated North Korean borders. Undoubtedly, watching the movie in North Korea is probably committing high treason and we wouldn’t want to imagine that punishment that goes along with that.

So, this whole incident is undoubtedly going to be made into a movie or documentary feature, right?