Feral Audio Is Closing Its Doors and Brand New Podcast Network SBI: Audio Will Be Picking Up Where They Left Off

As a result of being publicly tagged as an abuser and corroborating the story posted by an ex-girlfriend, Feral Audio founder Dustin Marshall has decided to end the independent podcast network he created in order to check into a rehabilitation facility. 

(You can read the statement from Abby, lead singer of Potty Mouth and Dustin’s ex-girlfriend, about the abusive relationship and Dustin’s response here and here respectively.)

As Feral Audio is now being dissolved and its employees let go, the fate of such podcasts like Harmontown, Dumb People Town, Suicide Buddies, and more were up in the air.

However, Starburns Industries has decided to step in and create SBI: Audio, a new podcast network where, it would seem, podcasts that were on Feral will get to live on. 

This was posted earlier today from Starburns Industries FB page

“Starburns is excited to announce the launch of SBI:Audio! SBI: Audio is the new podcast venture from #Starburns Ind.

#Harmontown, #DumbPeopleTown, #DuncanTrussell’s Family Hour, & more, will be migrating to the new service along side a bunch of amazing new offerings.

Stay tuned, more to come in 2018!


More details on the newly formed SBI: Audio (and what they have planned and which other podcasts will hop over there) will undoubtedly be coming soon and we will report on them as soon they come out.