Feral Audio Bolts Right Out of the Gate with Awesome Comedy Podcast Line-Up

Comedy is defiance. Its a snort of contempt in the face of fear and anxiety. And its the laughter that allows hope to creep back on the inhale.  Will Durst  Welcome to the official launch of FeralAudio.com! We are a collective that launches twenty-two people strong. Twenty-two artists that have volunteered their time, talents and skills to facilitate comedy, art, technology and music under a group mentality. We established ourselves upon zero dollars. If we can do it, so can you.  At launch, we are listener supported through donations and affiliated programs. We hope to grow, incorporate the advertising methods the popular podcast networks have adopted and through technology, try things that are radically different. When you donate to your favorite podcast, you are directly supporting that artist first and foremost. We sustain on a month-to-month basis much like a community radio station. Meaning your support keeps us going.  We specialize in comedy; the subversive kind. We aspire to be your home base for new subversive art and original programing as well as co-opting the most compelling podcasts we can find.  By being transparent, honest, and approaching this art form and medium with good will among the support of each other; we can only grow exponentially. We hope to influence an entire generation of independent artists, broadcasters and businesspeople with our happiness, art and collective mentality.  Now go make some art! Dustin Marshall, Founder and Producer of FeralAudio.com

Dustin Marshall’s listener supported podcast network, Feral Audio, launches today with a podcast line-up already ready to be reckoned with.

Monday: Weird Adults with Little Esther, Sean Conroy Presents: The Flabbgergast, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Tuesday: Please Be My Girlfriend

Wednesday: Conversations With Matt Dwyer, Dongtini

Thursday: The Steven Brody Stevens Festival Of Friendship

Friday: Bonus Please Be My Girlfriend, two episodes a week through May, The Fancy Presents ‘Muscle Top’ (webseries)

Even though the Steven Brody Stevens Festival of Friendship should be able to tide us over for a month, more shows are to come in June and we can’t wait.