Soon, You Might Just Get to Watch BoJack Horseman, Transparent, Casual, Veep, Baskets, Bob’s Burgers,  Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and More All Through the Same Set Top Box

(via Deadline)

If FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal goes through, you won’t have to have different set ups for your streaming services and your cable subscriptions. 

Wheeler is pushing for cable and satellite TV providers to no longer have a vise grip on those cable and satellite set top boxes so independent manufacturers can make set top boxes that allow you access to the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon alongside watching live television. 

This was bound to happen at some point and we’re glad to see that there’s some initiative on Wheeler’s part to make watching TV from your TV and from the Internet equally accessible.

Like the headlines suggests, you’ll be able to watch all the award winning comedy from the reaches of HBO, FX, and The CW as well as those from Netflix and Amazon.

If you thought TV has been shaken up already, this move might be the biggest shake yet.