Endlessly Outed Joke Thief, Josh Ostrovsky, The Fat Jew, Doesn’t Have a Pilot at Comedy Central-UPDATED

(via Splitsider)

Hell hath no fury like an army of comedians on social media.

UPDATE: According to our sources, Josh Ostrovsky’s pilot had not gone forward at Comedy Central well before this weekend when the outlash over his plagiarism went viral. 

In a tale of just comeuppance, online personality Josh Ostrovsky, better known as The Fat Jew, who has somehow gotten a gigantic 5.7 million following on Instagram by posting captions to various photos has suffered the wrath of the comedy community. 

Many of those jokes posted by Ostrovsky are lifted, stolen, and plagiarized from other comedians. There’s plenty of proof unlike dozens of accusations of joke thievery that are really just parallel thought.

Last week, CAA signed him as a client and the wide scope of his growing empire was seen with plenty of promotional contracts as well as a pilot in development at Comedy Central.

Over the weekend, hundreds of comedians, both big and small, took to all outlets of social media to highlight how Ostrovsky has stolen jokes. Even though it happened awhile ago, it’s a good thing that Ostrovsky no longer has that Comedy Central pilot in development.

Hopefully, talent will be looked more into by various companies and agencies beyond how big their social media following is.