Please Enjoy the Wonder and Mystery of the “Psychic Hotline $1/minute with Farah Brook” Podcast


Though a bit of a skeptic of psychics, NYC’s Farah Brook is curious what the future holds just like the rest of us. Unfortunately, this curiosity comes at a time where it’s more unclear than ever what might just happen and how far reaching the events to come will be. 

So, why not have comedians call a real psychic hotline to find out and record it for a podcast? 

That’s exactly what the podcast Psychic Hotline $1/minute is and it, as such, has a pretty inescapable charm. Farah and guests do talk to real psychics that you can call with a genuine desire to have some questions about their future answered. However, they still keep a healthy dose of skepticism to it and, because they’re comedians, make fun of the more ridiculous things that they hear are or told to write down. Also, Farah’s voice might be one of the most soothing we’ve heard on a podcast.

Psychic Hotline $1/minute with Farah Brook just started and is already pretty great. We’re not an approved hotline psychic, but we do see a pretty bright future for this podcast. Listen/subscribe here.