Pick of the Day: Faded’s Drunk Spelling Bee 2/26

Watching adults trying to spell while wasted on the sauce is a pretty damn good time.

We got to catch such this hilariously inebriated phenomenon a couple of times before lockdown, but we haven’t been so lucky to catch it since last March.

Thankfully, the Faded Comedy gang is gearing up for such a thing on their Twitch channel this Friday. This first Faded Drunk Spelling Bee will, thus far, feature the likes of @objsucks, @nonprofitcomic, @megangailey, @DonovanStrain, @IfyNwadiwe, @nitzbluv, @sladkow, @DragonflyJonez, and more contestants who possibly will get in over their heads trying to use a skill that has very likely been used in years due to autocorrect.

The Faded Drunk Spelling Bee will stream live on Fri. Feb. 26th at 6PM PT/9PM ET at twitch.tv/fadedcomedyla. As always with Twitch live-streams, live-stream access is free, but donations are accepted.