Everything Is Terrible Is Opening Their Own Store


The satirical video/performance art collective Everything Is Terrible has been bringing you the best in recontextualizing the worst in pop culture for several years now and are stepping up their game by opening very own Everything Is Terrible Store deep in East LA (i.e. true East LA and not this noveau-Eastside LA label of Highland Park/Echo Park/etc.).

EIT! is the video and performance collective known for their Jerry Maguire VHS collection (and Echo Park Video Store installation), epic psychedelic video compilations, and live shows featuring beautiful and whimsical costumes and puppets! Now they finally have a permanent home here in LA, where they can experiment with new installations, videos, and performances, as well as showcase limited edition Everything Is Terrible! apparel, accessories, and more!

They’re throwing a big shindig to celebrate their opening on July 6th at 8PM in case your interest is peaked. Their new address is 754 S. Atlantic Blvd. (note: told you it was deep in East LA).