What We Were Witness to at Everything Is Terrible & Cinefamily’s “Everything Is Festival”


Powerviolence throwing toilet paper at crowd during Fox ADHD Pizza Party

Last week, we got to attend a bit of Everything Is Terrible and Cinefamily’s Everything Is Festival bringing you comedy from the YouTube generation, had a wonderful time, and noticed these things in particular below/after the break:

1) There is a whole new subculture/division/category of comedy that we saw at Everything Is Festival with the supercut, Vine videos (there was an entire panel on Vine that was really great and a lot of people showed up to), video mash-ups, skateboarding-comedy troupe Powerviolence (throwing TP at crowd and doing a boy hunks of Instagram competition), vintage video games, an entire musical from Comedy Bang! Bang! and a general sense of appreciating things that were, at one time, considered awful now in a brand new context as something hilarious.

2) Sitting around watching weird YouTube videos has kind of grown up as people were cheering for a lot of specific clips during video mash ups as if they were a band’s classic singles leading us to the conclusion that the 1990s were a long time ago.

3) While some of you might want to write off a lot of this is as niche comedy or some hipster BS, the fans of everyone in this festival showed up in droves, lining themselves around the block down Fairfax and were pretty thrilled the whole way through sans any irony (i.e. if glowsticks were thrown in the crowd and they were, people grabbed them and started dancing). 

4) Everything Is Festival could be described as a comedy festival of tomorrow for the new territory they delve into comedy wise, but we’d say use the term tomorrow in a much more literal sense than a few years away.