It’s Probably Been Said Before, But The Everything Is Festival Is Looking Great

Forget what you think you know with comedy at its fringes (unless, of course, you’ve already acquainted with pop culture mash-up aggregate Everything Is Terrible) with the arrival of The 3rd Annual Everything Is Festival at Cinefamiliy. Found footage, 90’s nostalgia, Star Wars fan video art re-cut and smashed up as an entire re-imagined Star Wars, Joel Hodgson creator of MST3K, Nick Offerman, Doug Benson Movie Interruption, Off the Air with Dave Hughes, and way way more are under the acid trip of an umbrella at the Everything is Festival, running from Aug. 18th-Aug. 28th

It might all seem a little weird, but it will be, with everything that’s going on here, only the good kind of weird. Tickets available now.