Even If in Space, Go See Lost Moon Radio

When you hear the name Lost Moon Radio what do you think of?

Do you think of a terrestrial radio station? Do you think of an extraterrestrial radio station? Podcast, maybe? Does the newly discovered Kepler-22b somehow come to mind? 

Do you at any point think that it might be a comedy extravaganza that occurs every couple of a months in LA? The other three questions are more rhetorical than anything else, but Lost Moon Radio is absolutely every bit of a comedy extravaganza currently residing in Club Fais-Do-Do on the eastern outskirts of Culver City. Unlike a stand-up, improv, sketch, or even musical comedy, Lost Moon Radio defies any identity as a live comedy show of anything short of a comedy spectacle. 

Literally, it’s like nothing we’ve seen before here at the Comedy Bureau and at comedy shows we’ve seen:
-Stand-up in complete darkness
-Sketches that had so many plants in the audience that they were unsure if the person they were yelling at was a plant
-Funny sword swallowers, knife throwers, and balancers
-An entire hilarious comedic performance where there isn’t a single intelligible word spoken 

Those are all things we’ve seen at comedy variety shows, but the Lost Moon Radio Company is something else altogether. Featuring the same talented groups of writers, performers, and musicians, Lost Moon Radio melds sketches within what is a sort of radio hour all performed live with a comedic sensibility akin to the old, absudist Woody Allen. 

At their last show, we saw:
-A fictional BBC educational show intended for kids as would have been done by David Bowie
-Guided group meditation through a horrific memory of the Vietnam War
-A giant space bird costume as the inspiration a spectacular musical number
-A great running Marc Bolan joke

As the Lost Moon Radio doesn’t do their show weekly or monthly and, instead, goes on runs like a theatrical company, they inject a whole lot more production value into their shows. It’s an aspect of most popular live sketch shows that leave to the imagination of the audience and leave the humor to sharp writing and great performances. LMR brings all of that together in addition to a myriad of characters, live songs, and elaborate sets and heighten their humor all the more for doing so.

Luckily, their next “episode” opens in two days on Fri. Dec. 9th and continuing on the 10th, 15th, 16th, and 17th at 8:30PM followed by live band karaoake. Basically, we’ve stop trying to figure how to categorize Lost Moon Radio and settled on just saying, “That’s one hell of a funny show.”