Eugene Mirman Takes Out Ad in Local Newspaper to Publish an Open Letter About Nonsensical Parking Ticket

(via The Laughing Button)

Bureaucrats beware of Eugene Mirman, a comedian and a man who stands by his principles.

While enjoying an afternoon in Portsmouth, NH, Eugene Mirman found that he got a $15 parking ticket for parking in the wrong direction. Mind you, it wasn’t the wrong direction on the wrong side of the street, but a ticket for parking the wrong direction in a parking space as shown in this picture

Rather than either paying it ASAP or willfully ignoring the ticket like most of us, Mirman decided to buy ad space in the local newspaper and publish this great open letter to the city of Portsmouth about his grievances over such the ridiculous parking citation he got.

We have yet to hear from the city of Portsmouth, but let’s hope they come up with something as sarcastic as POM Wonderful’s letter to John Oliver.