Please Get and Enjoy Erin Foley’s Latest Hour “Deep Dive”


Erin Foley is such a fierce delight as a comedian. Time and time again, she has proven this with her other hours of stand-up and whenever we’ve seen her live in town over many years. Deep Dive, her latest album, is yet another great offering that holds up our above description of Foley. 

Erin, in a manner speaking, performs the hell out of her jokes in such an awesome way that we’re on board for whatever hot takes she’s dishing out on sports, LGBTQ, getting older, etc. There are well-crafted jokes about those very topics on Deep Dive, but, as always, the delivery, timing, and even the timbre of her voice are so hilarious and gratifying to listen to and watch. Truly, she can be angry and charming at the same time, making this an album you really ought to get.

So, go get Deep Dive out now from 800 Pound Gorilla Records here.