Please Get and Enjoy Eric Dadourian’s Oh So Jaunty Debut Album “Nebraska 2″


It seems like eons ago that we had one Eric Dadourian on our handpicked compilation album, Comedians of Interest Vol. 1. Yet, Dadourian is as spry and mischievous as ever in his first full length comedy album Nebraska 2 and we absolutely love him for it.

Eric not only dives head first into the notion of tall tales made taller for comedic effect (it is being sold physically as a cassette tape w/digital download FYI), but he sells all of his stories, asides, riffs, etc. with such fervor that it’s a really jubilant ride the whole way through (no matter if you believe him or not). Truly, life is so damn short and Eric relishes every fraction of a second of it with abandon in his comedy as showcased in this hour. 

Also, Nebraska 2 has one of our favorite closers to a comedy album/special this year (and probably in recent memory). 

So, get Eric Dadourian’s Nebraska 2 fresh off the A Special Thing Records presses here.