Here’s an Insane Teaser (as You’d Expect) for Season 5 of The Eric Andre Show

The Eric Andre Show has long been a wild break from this plane of reality and certainly a twisted-fun-house-of-mirrors reflection of the world of late night. With each of his four seasons at Adult Swim, Eric has managed to up the ante from past episodes while refining his grasp on controlled chaos (i.e. being a little more aware of how to get arrested less during sketches).

This fifth season looks to keep up the absurdist, dadaist vibe going strong, but, this time around, as it is 2020, the world seems actually more crazy than the world of the show. With that in mind, it would still be a nice break from the sort of lives we’re all afforded in quarantine.

See for yourself  with this teaser for season 5 of The Eric Andre Show here, then look for the season premiere on Sun. Oct. 25th at midnight.