Teaser for Eric Andre’s “Legalize Everything” Points Out the Absurdity of the Recently Cancelled Show “Cops”

The works of Eric Andre over the last few years have been so outlandish and absurdist that one might forget about his stand-up, which is also wonderfully outlandish and absurd. That’ll all be put on display in his upcoming special Legalize Everything coming to Netflix on Tues. Jun. 23rd and you can see how bombastic Andre can get with just himself and a microphone.

This teaser was just released in promotion of the special and just happened to be so timely with all the mass protests again police brutality as Andre satirically paints a picture of how insane the long-running show known as Cops really is. We’ve seen Eric Andre do this bit for so many years, one might wonder why the reality docu-series Cops only got its run ended only now, in June of 2020. Watch it here, and, obviously, set a reminder for Jun. 23rd for Legalize Everything.