Israel’s Satirical Topical Sketch Show “What a Wonderful Country” Could Set Record For Doing Sketch on TV After Election Results

(via Deadline)

Certainly, there are live election specials from The Daily Show and Funny or Die will have teams work overnight to have sketches ready for the morning after, but usually they don’t involve full on sketches also performed live on TV. 

Israel’s very popular satirical sketch show What a Wonderful Country or Eretz Nehederet could be the first show to do just that. doesn’t even have a “Quickest Comedy Sketch Made on TV In Response To a Major Event” as a record, but that might become a category now having pulled off what would be the equivalent of SNL doing sketches an hour after polls closed. 

Come to think of it, SNL doing such a thing could be just as intriguing as their 40th Anniversary.