Please Enjoy All of  the“Pasta”, Emily Heller’s Latest Hour


The fact that Emily Heller has made a novelty card for all her fans at live show that lets potential thieves of fans’ wallets know to, well, not steal said fans’ wallets, is just one example of how much care and cleverness Emily puts into her comedy. This is explained on this new album and indeed 100% true as an Emily Heller fan from Indiana showed the card to us. 

Pasta, the new hour from Heller, is the same great Emily complete with a painterly level of detail and an organic, almost narrative driven flow, though done for these bizarre, often terrifying times that we live in, but are still managing to get through on a daily basis. In particular, Emily’s observation on her newly agreed relationship to going to the gym is exquisite. 

Pasta is available now from Kill Rock Stars and you can (and should) go get it here.