Emily Heller and Karen Kilgariff Added to Our 4 and 5/12th Anniversary

So, you’re not going to miss this right?

A stacked line-up of our favorites including Maria Bamford, Baron Vaughn, Joe Wagner, James Austin Johnson, Candice Thompson, and Drennon Davis has just officially got even more stacked for The Comedy Bureau 4 and 5/12th Anniversary

The fantastic Emily Heller and Karen Kilgariff have been added. Heller will bring her sharp, smart stand-up and Kilgariff will be joining Drennon Davis for some of the best musical comedy around right now.

Again, it’s this Fri. Apr. 3rd at Echoes Under Sunset, doors at 10PM, start at 10:30PM. Don’t miss out like we did on celebrating four years on the actual day we turned four years old!