Nerdist Industries Presents:

When it comes to movies, there is bad-bad and good-fun-over-the-top bad. Join Eli Olsberg as he invites some comedians in celebrating the latter. Each comic brings in a movie of their choice and after watching a clip/trailer from all of them, the audience votes as to which one they watch and provide deep, insightful, Criterion-style commentary on it aka make fun of the movie. 

Since the show is on the cusp of our Nation’s Birthday, the theme will be Patriotic Action Films! So will it be something with Chuck Norris? Navy SEALs? Red Dawn? Something else you’ve never head of? You decide! 

This month’s guests:

Pete Holmes
Kumail Nanjiani 
Rory Scovel

Saturday, June 25th @ 8pm, $10 w/a food truck and candy/soda available, just like you were at the movies, except this time the running commentary is welcome!

Tix here: http://www.meltcomics.com/webstore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=62

Please “Two Thumbs Way Down!!!” rip on Green Berets, easily one of John Wayne’s worst, that was actually arranged as a pro-government propaganda film supporting military action in Vietnam.  

Also, this is another reason you shouldn’t miss events at the Nerdist Theater at the back room of Meltdown Comics.