Pick of the Day: Elefante [FREE] (in LA) 8/6

Since pretty much all of Tinseltown is shut down due to the WGA going well into their third month of striking and SAG-AFTRA officially going on strike starting after midnight tonight, it might be helpful to point out/give a reminder of some of the great free offerings of comedy in and around town.

ASSSSCAT, UCB’s long standing, foundational improv show, back in the old days of UCB Franklin, used to go up every Sunday, free of charge. Since UCB’s return in LA, they now call their marquee long form improv show based on a monologist’s stories (that are based off an audience suggestion), Elefante. The show still takes UCB’s most veteran performers and favorite rising improv stars and showcase the very best of UCB improv, but just under a different animal-based moniker.

There is still a free edition of the show (normal tickets cost $20 a pop), but it happens once a month on a Sunday instead of every week. The next free Elefante is on Sun. Aug. 6th at 8:30PM @ UCB Franklin. To attend, you have to RSVP for a free ticket here, then line-up early enough to get in as admission is first come, first served.