Pick of the Day: Edinburgh Fringe Preview Day (in LA) 7/22

Summer is officially in session, which means that the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is just around the corner. While it’s always enticing to take up an opportunity to watch as many of hundreds upon hundreds of shows, most of us don’t have the money to fly to Scotland, find a place to crash for a month, and THEN pay to see shows. At least performers have a shot to make some money maybe (though, more realistically, hoping to break even).

That’s why The Elysian Theater’s annual tradition of putting a whole day of their favorite LA comedy folks that are bound for the Edinburgh Fringe and presenting their shows back-to-back-to-back-to-back.

This particular Edinburgh Fringe Preview Day at The Elysian will run through 8 shows from 12:20PM to 11PM on Sat. Jul. 22nd. We’ve actually seen most of these shows already and tell you that it would be worth your night to catch any of them.

On the slate are:

Sophie Santos… Is Codependent
Joy’s Bed & Breakfast w/ Jessy Morner-Ritt and Izzy Gerasole
Two Cats on a Date by Griffin Kelly
Claire Woolner: A Retrospection
Going Up w/Sara Schaefer
Greta Titelman’s Exquisite Lies
BONHEUR by Cam Gavinski

It’s so much great show without having to get airfare or room and board and it will only cost you $12-$20 per show or $60 for a day pass to watch all 8 and make it a whole day at The Elysian. Get tickets/details/more here. Do it now!