Yanks Over at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival is only weeks away and, if you have the type of coin to afford that kind of trip, there’s literally thousands of shows to see (almost a thousand of them are strictly comedy). More than a handful of them are very funny Yanks (we’re assuming that the Scottish also call us Yanks) that definitely deserve more worldwide recognition. 


Kumail NanjianiHannibal BuressRory Scovel, Eddie Pepitone, Kristine Levine, The Imaginary Radio Program, Set List, The Super Serious Show, The Pajama Men (even though they’re way more famous in the UK than here), Rick Shapiro, and more.

If you’re someone who lives not in the U.S., consider this a nice guide to American comedy at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.