Eddie-Pepitone-Tip of the Hat 2/26

The Comedy Bureau “Tips Its Hat” this week to EDDIE PEPITONE for

“Puddin”-Eddie Pepitone’s Daily Live Action Comic Strip that has Eddie walk into a break room and wreak havoc on a co-worker trying to eat pudding.  My personal favorite is this one where Eddie yells at a magazine that has Taylor Swift on the cover.

There are so many reasons I could have given Eddie Pepitone a “Tip of the Hat”.  There’s Eddie’s hilarious Twitter feed where he posts his “to do lists” and/or “signs things aren’t going well” or his performance nearly a month ago as Sven the Clown at the Tomorrow Show where he played a clown running laps around stage just so he could plug his interior painting services at the end, but “Puddin” that premiered just over a week ago puts Eddie and his uproarious character in the person in the perfectly unassuming situation leaving nothing but laughs the whole way through.

No matter how many times I see Eddie take the stage or watch an online clip over and over, he is one of those comedic voices that are so unique and so brilliant and just so damn funny, I keep laughing every time almost to the point of my vision going blurry.  As a character comic, Pepitone has perfected his onstage persona of an “unrelenting manic prophet of an apocalypse that he believes is coming in the next second” so well that he can tell jokes, do bits, riffs, engage with audience members, and it will seem flawless and you’ll have no idea whether this was prepared or not.  

Literally, it’s magic.  Well, it’s magic that yells at an empty stage in at attempt to heckle yourself.

As you’ve might extrapolated from everything written above, Eddie Pepitone is involved in quite a lot of projects AND is one of the funniest people on Twitter meaning you should follow him @eddiepepitone right now, then finish reading this article.  He performs frequently in and around Los Angeles, a member of the lovely Long Shot Podcast, and the Comedy Bureau will keep you updated as anything else he’s up to because you should drop whatever you’re doing to see him perform.