Pick of the Day: Eddie Pepitone (in NYC) 10/4

We have oft praised Eddie Pepitone for his comedy mastery and reaffirmed the idea that you should go see him at any and all times. For the longest time, our shout outs of his shows were relegated to LA dates, but, since we now cover comedy in NYC, we’re thrilled to tell you that Eddie has a headlining NYC date in the not so distant future.

On Mon. Oct 4th at 7:30PM ET, Eddie will play City Winery (w/JT Habersaat featuring). Truly, you should not miss a chance to see Eddie roar with his seemingly prophetic, yet always self-aware comedy (especially since the NY Times named his special For the Masses, the funniest comedy special of 2020).

Tickets are only $25 and you best go get them here right now.