Free show. Free your mind.



Hosted by Howard Kremer, the master of having a Summah, this all day affair will feature food, fun, booze, music, water guns, a bounce castle, and comedy. Featuring Steve Agee, Eli Braden, Jonah Ray, Kumail Nanjiani, music from The Manx, and too many fun surprise guests to count. It’s free, but only if you RSVP to summahfest@gmail.com.


This is a design I just finished for Howard Kremer’s SUMMAHFEST.  I know the colors are a little hard to handle but hey – c’mon – whatever.  Right?  

The fest is the 16th – at 2 pm.  There is a version with a ton of text all over it with the details and such.  This is the version I will have for sale at the event.  So put on your boat shoes – and I’ll s