Pick of the Day: Dr. Brown Beturns (in LA) 2/28

When it comes to clowning in LA, the ever-burgeoning, exciting, rebellious corner of comedy that has sparked the imagination and inspiration of a growing number of performers and shows and venues, one of the bigger figures around is Dr. Brown (Phil Burgers). A perennial international comedy award winner at such prestigious festivals as the Edinburgh Fringe and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Dr. Brown was and is a big part of clowning now being an integral part of the LA comedy scene.

That said, it has been quite some time since he’s down his own show. It has been years (even before COVID probably?) since that has happened.

Thankfully, the tides are changing and Dr. Brown is venturing out once again, often at PDA in Altadena, but specifically at UCB Franklin on Tues. Feb. 28th at 8:30PM for the aptly named Dr. Brown Beturns. Tickets are $20 and you’re going to want to snag them before they sell out here.