Doug Stanhope’s Writing a Memoir “One Funny Mother”

I just typed “The End” into my book and while I know that it really isn’t, It’s a milestone that calls for a cocktail.

It’s been years since Doug Stanhope’s last book, but we’re glad to hear that Stanhope is hard at work writing his memoir that’s due out next year.

8 days til deadline of book. Just spent 2 hours watching Youtube scorpion vs centipede v spider v beetle v etc. 8 days left.

Currently titled One Funny Mother, it instantly recalls his heart wrenching and hysterical stories about his mother that found their way into Doug’s stand-up recently.

It’s on pre-order now on Amazon and set for an Apr. 12th, 2016 release. You should definitely put your order in for a copy even though there’s no cover art yet because we’re pretty sure Stanhope’s memoir will be that good.