Please Get and Enjoy Doug Smith’s Debut Album “Barely Regal”


NYC’s Doug Smith serves up a terrific debut album here with Barely Regal. Smith has carved out his place in NYC comedy as a stand-up and co-created one of favorite things awhile ago in the experimental stand-up show, See You in Hell.

There seems to be a very classic feel to Barely Regal with Doug’s myriad of stories and observations of his life and straightforward, low key delivery. Also, Smith’s debut album still feels current, modern, and relevant as he makes that “classic feel” work for these times that we live in. There is an undeniable earnestness throughout this hour and careful, pinpoint consideration as to where get silly (including his amazing This Is Not Happening story included at the end). 

So, please go get and enjoy Barely Regal, out now from 800 Pound Gorilla Records., here.