The Dollop Expands for England and U.K. Spin-Off


For years now, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds have gallivanted through America and Australian (and Icelandic) history’s weirdest and darkest moments for one of the best comedy/history podcasts in existence, The Dollop.

On occasion, when Gareth gets to flip the format of reading the story that Dave would have no idea about, it’ll get to cover some UK history (Phantom of the Open and Tommy Cooper are some really stellar episodes).

Well, the time has come (especially as they’re going on tour in the UK) for them to cover some of Great Britain’s darkest and weirdest historic moments, of which they have plenty (maybe more as they’ve been around longer than the US and Australia?).

Dave and Gareth have 10 eps. lined up for what they’re calling The Dollop England and the UK. Already, two episodes are up; one covering a rather sinister charlatan and the other on one of the most famous/infamous mascots in UK sports history. 

We can only hope that the live eps. have the crowds chant Garfy when Gareth takes to the stage as a British twist on the “Gary chant” at all other live Dollop tapings.

Get into The Dollop England & the UK here or wherever you listen to podcasts.