The Dollop Hits Their 300th Episode, Does a Back-to-Back Episode on Trump, and Is Also Headed to Thailand for a Podcast Festival


As they have just surpassed 300 episodes, The Dollop just showed why there are one of the best comedy podcasts around (that also happens to be one of the best history podcasts around too). 

They did a devastating set of back-to-back episodes on Trump showing why the 25th Amendment should he have been enacted for his impeachment on Day 1 of his presidency. In fact, their go-to designer, James Fosdike, made a special design (seen above) for the occasion that you can buy on a t-shirt.

On top of that, hosts Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds will be doing their first episode in Thailand, a place largely untouched by English language podcasts for The Koh Samui International Podcast Festival. It’ll be a whole week of fun just between Aussie podcast The Little Dum Dum Club and The Dollop in June 2018.

We cannot wait to see what Dave comes up with when tackling Thai history, not to mention how he’ll end up pronouncing everything.