DJ Real Has Just Released His 6th Album “They’ll Say Yes”


As there is plenty of music that’s made in a bedroom, it only stands to reason that there would be musical comedy that would be also made in a bedroom. That being said, an album of funny songs that don’t have the benefit of being recorded live are near impossible feat to pull off.

SF’s Nick Stargu AKA DJ Real, however, has been able to do that with his latest album They’ll Say Yes. With a mastery of synths, loops, and lyrical cleverness, DJ Real has compiled over a dozen songs over 8 years that get-in and get-out of the melody and the joke quickly. As this is his sixth release, he’s really honed his craft. 

You can listen to the whole album and buy it off Bandcamp here.

To up the ante on his own farce, Stargu has even made a MIDI version of this very album.