There’s a Whole Docu-Special on Dick Gregory That’s Coming Out on July 4th

In regards to comedy both being a bridge between worlds and speaking truth to power, the name Dick Gregory better be at the top of the list. Gregory was a comedy pioneer unlike any other, especially for all the barriers he broke down and how much irony and absurdity he pointed out in race relations and in the actions of the U.S. government. Also, you ought to know that’s just scratching the surface of what he did throughout his comedy career and his lifetime.

Thus, Showtime is giving Gregory his due with a docu-special The One and Only Dick Gregory and having it premiere on, of all days, the Fourth of July, which is fitting for how much truth he freely spoke in his comedy.

Get a taste of what’s to come with The One and Only Dick Gregory here, then look for it to premiere on Sun., July 4th at 9PM on Showtime.